Feel, See, Plan

When a place becomes an experience

Sensations and emotions are integral parts of any location, and make it different from all others. And it is just to those senses that Rokepo products are focused.
Rokepo designs technological systems to manage of sounds, videos and lights: integrated solutions to create engaging atmospheres.
With Rokepo systems, to live in a place becomes an experience.
An experience to remember, to favour, to repeat.

Designs & Solutions

Designs & Solutions

Advanced systems for the wire diffusion, the music therapy, the chromatherapy and for the fitness centers. 
Multimedia systems for the swimming pools, the sports arenas, the water parks, health spa and beauty farms. Integrated solutions to create an engaging atmosphere.


Underwater Speaker

Aquarmony is an underwater speakerdevised for swimming pools. It spreads music and words as it can reproduce any sort of sound belonging to the band 200-12000 Hz.

Aquarmony helps every sports session to get more interesting, supports the game, the animation as well as the relaxation in your swimming-pool.