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9 Dicembre 2022

Morgan will assume the responsibilities of managing ABC’s cash management, calculating its net asset value (NAV) on a monthly basis, and performing a risk management analysis on its portfolio. Invest globally in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds from a
single unified platform. Fund your account in multiple currencies and trade assets denominated in multiple currencies. Financial professionals who find the large prime brokers too expensive to meet their needs come to us from around the world in increasing numbers. Our ongoing focus on using technology to connect to the world’s markets and automate all aspects of the trading and settlement process,
combined with our low-risk business model and risk-averse philosophy, results in continued growth of our clients’ equity. Therefore, clients who undertake substantial short selling or leverage represent more lucrative opportunity than clients who do less short selling and/or utilize minimal leverage.

  • These services worked because they also allowed the money manager to maintain relationships with multiple brokerage houses for IPO allocations, research, best execution, conference access and other products.
  • Here’s a rundown on how prime brokerage works, who it serves and the key benefits and challenges.
  • Using our whistleblower system, you can anonymously report legal infringements within Deutsche Börse Group or violations of internal company rules.
  • A customer can only use collateral held at an affiliate that is governed by the SEC or the CFTC.
  • Global Financing Services provides asset managers with access to a network of clearing and settlement, Securities Lending, Cash Management and reporting capabilities all through a robust, yet simple to use platform.

It’s an important function following trade execution that delivers cash and assets between parties. Prime brokerages, at times referred to as prime brokers, are generally larger financial institutions that have dealings with other large institutions and hedge funds. The majority of large banks have prime brokerage units that service hundreds of clients. Though prime brokerages offer a large variety of services, a client is not required to take part in all of them and can have services performed by other institutions as they see fit. The business advantage to a hedge fund of using a Prime Broker is that the Prime Broker provides a centralized securities clearing facility for the hedge fund, and the hedge fund’s collateral requirements are netted across all deals handled by the Prime Broker.

Hedge Fund Account Structure

Most investors have everything they need with one of the best online stock brokers. If you buy or sell stocks, bonds, and other investments for yourself, you may get help from a broker who executes the trades. You may use a discount brokerage firm, such as Fidelity, Charles Schwab,or E-Trade, which allows you to trade stocks online and get some basic research reports and advice. The platform allows for various structures and can be flexible according to clients’ preferences.

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The volume of transactions influences the fees paid to a prime broker. Prime brokers also charge interest and fees on the securities and money they lend. Specialized services, such as risk management and reporting, administrative support, cash management and custodial services, come with added fees. A traditional brokerage facilitates the buying and selling of investments, such as stocks and bonds.

Trading Platforms

In addition to credit default swaps and interest rate swaps, DCS will also support centralized clearing for foreign exchange, commodities and equity swaps as they become clearing-eligible. Our DCS business offers our clients numerous benefits including access to all major clearinghouses globally, margin solutions and optimized collateral management. Keep in mind that a prime brokerage makes its money from fees, interest on loans (cash, margin, and securities), and commissions. Based on this, the larger your assets under management (AUM), transactions, and compelling your strategies are the more attractive you are as a client.

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The term prime brokerage can be misleading as they technically not an executing broker, but serve almost like a partner providing custodial, clearing, and financing services. Most prime brokerages are partnered with executing brokers or have them inhouse within the same umbrella of the institution as the trading division. As a privately held firm, Fidelity offers alternative asset managers a differentiated counterparty profile in a multi-prime broker environment. Our business model is to form long-lasting relationships to provide the resources, technology, and transparency our clients need to be successful.

The Ultimate Guide to Margin Trading

Because they can earn money in several ways, prime brokerage units can make a nice profit for firms. First, brokerages charge basic fees for custody, concierge, and other services. Prime brokerages also earn very large sums from the spread in interest rates between their borrowing and lending operations. What’s more, prime brokers can use the collateral from clients for their own investments.

For example, if the parent company of a US broker-dealer has a futures affiliate that is governed by the CFTC, then the customer can use the collateral in the futures account for minimum equity purposes. However, an account held at a bank affiliate cannot be considered for the purposes of meeting the minimum equity requirement. Does FINRA have expectations with respect to a firm’s monitoring of concentrated positions within an individual customer account and across all accounts? FINRA expects member firms to develop reports that identify a concentration of any individual security in both an individual account and across all accounts that are engaged in portfolio margining.What action should be taken if a concentration is identified? FINRA expects that a higher house margin requirement to be imposed on these positions.If a Portfolio Margin customer only trades long/short equities in its account, with no listed option positions, is the account subject to a margin requirement of 15 percent? The long/short positions will be subject to a valuation point range of +/- 15 percent.


If contracts are more unique and custom tailored, the prices will have to come from the firm, pursuant to an SEC approved model. Short sale locates, access to dark pools and clearing are all part of the core business of prime brokers. Leverage is one of the primary benefits of using a prime broker since they have custody of its clients assets, the prime broker is capable of using those assets to lever more buying power to its clients. The ideal prime brokerage client will make generous use of its available leverage while having plenty of margin available so as not to trigger any margin calls, force liquidation or defaults. Since they are more active with trading and tend to generate more commissions and fees, prime brokers also prefer these active participants. Prime brokers have a critical part in providing introduction to new capital for hedge funds.

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